A woman smiles at a man while two children walk up the stairs to a house. A "for rent" sign is in the front yard.SPRINGFIELD – Immigration status cannot be considered during real estate transactions, thanks to a new law led by State Senator Ann Gillespie that is now in effect.

“No person should face discrimination when trying to rent or purchase property,” said Gillespie (D-Arlington Heights). “This new law reinforces Illinois’ commitment to fostering inclusivity and safeguarding the civil rights of all residents in the state.”

The Illinois Human Rights Act now includes immigration status as a protected class, making it illegal to discriminate against someone based on their immigration status when renting or selling property. Landlords and property sellers cannot refuse to rent or sell, receive or transmit offers, or negotiate the terms of a deal with someone based on their immigration status.

“Our state has a long history of championing civil rights, and this new law protects against discriminatory practices,” said Gillespie. “Everyone deserves the chance to secure a home, and now we are ensuring no one is unfairly denied that right.”

Senate Bill 1817 took effect Jan. 1.